If you were looking for Vape South America or USA CBD Expo, don’t worry, you’re not lost, we’ve simply evolved!


Alt Pro Evolution
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    Medellín 2017

    Our first ever event was launched in Colombia, to a lively and vibrant audience that left us coming back in the years to come.

    vape south america 2017
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    Medellín 2018

    After Vape South America’s success in Medellín and growing demands in the city’s skyrocketing vape market, we returned to yet another successful event!

    vape south america 2018

    Copenhagen 2018

    Yes, we know, Denmark isn’t exactly South America. But after two consecutive wins, we decided to cross the pond and take over the European vape market! In the end, it proved to be the right choice!

    scandinavia vape convention 2018
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    Paraguay 2019

    Returning to South America, we dove directly into the blossoming Paraguayan market at Asuncion and kicked off our year the best way possible!

    paraguay vape convention 2019

    Medellín 2019

    Continuing our presence within Latin America, we hit up the City of the Eternal Spring and its blossoming market once again!

    medellín vape convention 2019

    Barcelona 2019

    Following Copenhagen, Europe left us wanting more! With vape and smoke shops in every corner of Spain, we knew exactly where to go on our next stop!

    spain vape convention 2019

    Miami 2019

    After years of working with the vape industry and learning about the growing demands for a Cannabis-focused event, in 2019 we launched USA CBD Expo in colorful Miami!

    miami vape convention 2019

    Perú 2019

    We closed our Latin American trip in amazing Lima, where once again we rocked an enthusiastic and blossoming market!

    peru vape convention 2019
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    Las Vegas 2020

    After the pandemic shook our world, we knew our comeback event had to be epic. That’s why we chose Atlanta as our opening event of the year!

    vegas usacbdexpo 2020

    Medellín 2020

    The best of both worlds collide! We decided to mash up our two events into one dynamic show featuring vaping and cannabis, and the two got along just perfect!

    medellín vape convention 2020
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    Atlanta 2021

    After the pandemic shook our world, we knew our comeback event had to be epic. That’s why we chose Atlanta as our opening event of the year!

    usacbdexpo Atlanta 2021

    Chicago 2021

    The windy city blew us away when our show quickly packed up with exhibitors, speakers and thousands of attendees. This was the moment we decided to transform our event into something bigger: Alternative Products Expo!

    usacbdexpo chicago 2021 alternative products expo chicago 2021
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    Fort Lauderdale 2022

    Years after our first Florida show was declared a triumph, The Sunshine State once again found its way into our hearts in Broward County!

    alternative products expo fort lauderdale 2022

    Medellín 2022

    Once again in the city that has seen our growth like no other, Medellín 2022 has been our largest show to date!

    alternative products expo medellín 2022

    Tampa 2022

    Our first time in Tampa was a blast! Not even a hurricane could stop us from having fun with the biggest brands in the country!

    alternative products expo medellín 2022
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    Fort Lauderdale 2023

    We couldn't get enough of Florida, so we decided to come right back to Fort Lauderdale for our first-ever venue repeat!

    alternative products expo fort lauderdale 2023

    Medellín 2023

    Our 2023 event in Medellín at Plaza Mayor was a resounding success, marking our sixth event in this vibrant city. The show featured an impressive lineup of exhibitors, dynamic industry discussions, and invaluable networking opportunities. Medellín's unique charm and strategic importance in the alternative products market were on full display, making this event a standout for all attendees.

    alternative products expo medellín 2023

    Dallas 2023

    The 2023 Alternative Products Expo in Dallas was an incredible showcase of innovation and industry growth. Held at the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center, the event brought together top exhibitors and attendees from across the globe. With engaging presentations, product launches, and robust networking sessions, Dallas proved to be a pivotal location for expanding business opportunities and fostering new connections.

    alternative products expo dallas 2023

    Vegas 2023

    The Las Vegas 2023 show was a spectacular success, held at the Las Vegas Convention Center. This iconic event featured a diverse range of exhibitors, cutting-edge product demonstrations, and high-energy networking opportunities. Las Vegas's vibrant atmosphere added an extra layer of excitement, making this event a must-attend for industry leaders and innovators. Attendees left with new insights, valuable contacts, and a renewed enthusiasm for the future of alternative products.

    alternative products expo vegas 2023
  • Miami 2024

    Our second venture into Miami at Mana Wynwood in March 2024 was an unparalleled success. The unique Wynwood vibe amplified the event's energy, featuring cutting-edge product launches and vibrant networking sessions. The creative atmosphere of the venue, combined with Miami's dynamic culture, made this event truly unforgettable for all attendees.

    alternative products expo miami 2024

    Medellín 2024

    Celebrating our seventh event in Medellín, the May 2024 show at Plaza Mayor was a testament to our enduring presence in this vibrant city. With a diverse array of exhibitors and engaging industry talks, the event fostered incredible networking opportunities. Medellín's charm and our long-standing relationship with the local community made this event a standout.

    alternative products expo - vape south america medellín 2024

    Houston 2024

    Our inaugural event in Houston in 2024 was nothing short of spectacular. Despite being our first time in the city, the show built on the momentum from our Dallas event last year, delivering high-energy interactions and groundbreaking product showcases. Houston's robust business environment and enthusiasm from the local industry community ensured the event's tremendous success, setting the stage for future shows in the city.

    alternative products expo houston 2024

    Atlanta 2024

    Get ready for the highly anticipated Alternative Products Expo in Atlanta, October 10-12, 2024, at the Georgia World Congress Center. Presented by Trinity Hemp, this event promises groundbreaking innovations, top-tier exhibitors, and unbeatable networking opportunities. Atlanta's vibrant atmosphere and strategic location make it a must-attend for industry leaders. Join us and be part of the future of alternative products!

    alternative products expo atlanta 2024