According to a Gallup Poll, in August 2019, 14% of Americans reported using CBD products, and the main reason for it is pain. The Arthritis Foundation also conducted a poll. It found that 29% of Americans reported to be currently using CBD, primarily in its liquid or topical forms, and nearly 80% said they were using it and had used it in the past or were considering doing so. The users reported a significant improvement in physical function, sleep, and overall well-being. Although there is still more research needed, studies show that cannabidiol or CBD oil can relieve arthritis pain.

What is Arthritis Pain

There are more than 100 types of Arthritis. In all of them, pain is a significant feature, but it does not act the same in every case. This means that something that works for one person may not work for another. Having this in mind is very important, and so is consulting your doctor before taking any medicine. For those who have Arthritis, treatment is aimed at reducing pain and stiffness and keeping function. However, there are certain conditions like rheumatoid Arthritis in which conventional prescription medications are recommended because they help prevent permanent joint damage and constant disability.

Arthritis and CBD

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Arthritis is the leading cause of disability in the United States; it affects nearly 54.4 million people. Commonly, Arthritis is characterized by inflamed joints and stiffness, mainly in the hands and feet. It can also affect the hip, knees, and thumb joint, rendering the patients incapable of doing simple chores like typing or moving around. According to the Arthritis Foundation, there have been no rigorous clinical studies involving CBD and Arthritis in humans. However, the same organization states that there’s anecdotal evidence that suggests some patients with the disease who used CBD reported noticeable pain relief, improved sleep, and an anxiety reduction. There have also been studies in animals that suggest that CBD could be helpful to treat Arthritis and relieve the pain related to it. A 2011 study showed that CBD reduced inflammatory pain in rats because it affected how pain receptors respond to stimuli. And 2014 study stated that, after studying the effects of CBD in animals with osteoarthritis, the oil could help to reduce the pain associated with it. Also, a 2016 review found that applying CBD topically could relieve inflammation and pain associated with Arthritis. Finally, a 2017 study found that CBD could be a safe option for treating joint pain associated with osteoarthritis. From all this research, the most important is the 2016 review carried out by the European Journal of Pain in which an animal was used to see if CBD could help with Arthritis and their pain. Researchers applied a topical gel infused with CBD to rats that had Arthritis for four days. They noted an essential drop in inflammation and pain without any side effects. These findings are encouraging because they show advancements in the arthritis and pain field, although more research is necessary to conclude, scientifically, that CBD can 100 percent help with arthritic pain. There are, however, studies that show how CBD oil specifically can help with chronic pain relief, which is part of the pain arthritis sufferers go through. 

CBD Oil for Chronic Pain

CBD and other cannabinoids interact with the receptors that influence pain and inflammation in the body. It has also been found that CBD can block some receptors in the body that allows for levels of anandamide to increase in the body. Anandamide is a lipid mediator that causes a good, pleasurable effect on the brain. Research has found that CBD affects how these receptors respond to the signals they receive and possibly reduces inflammation and pain. Most of the research about CBD and chronic pain has looked into neuropathic or nerve-related pain. In 2017, a review found that CBD could help with chronic neuropathic pain in humans. The National Centers for Complementary and Integrative Health have located that CBD could have benefits for chronic pain. Again, a 2020 research found that CBD could have potential benefits for relieving chronic pain, reducing inflammation, and improving sleep. It is essential to underline that most research on CBD and pain comes from adult trials. Experts still don’t recommend using CBD oil in children, except for Epidiolex, since there is little research on the effects of CBD on a child’s still-developing brain. It is also not recommended to use CBD in pregnant or breastfeeding women. Nowadays, the FDA does not regulate CBD products in the same way as they regulate dietary supplements or drugs. Because of that, they were checking the product’s labeling to avoid companies that are sometimes mislabeled or misrepresent their products. What that means is that it is of the utmost importance to find quality vendors

Other Possible CBD Use

Currently, there is a range of possibilities and promising CBD applications. Some of these are managing drugs, especially opioids, withdrawal, helping smokers quit the habit; treating anxiety disorders; treating seizures and epilepsy; reducing antipsychotic effects in people with schizophrenia; reducing some effects of Alzheimer’s, and, potentially, combating type 1 diabetes. More research is needed to confirm CBD beneficial effects fully, but these studies show a promising future as a versatile treatment for many diseases. Today, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved one form of CBD: Epidiolex. This drug treats two rare forms of epilepsy in kids caused by the tuberous sclerosis complex. Although many studies have suggested that CBD, especially CBD oil, can help for chronic pain, such as the one people with arthritis experience, more research is necessary, especially on human subjects. However,advances in CBD research and how it can benefit human beings are being done every single day. Meanwhile, patients with chronic conditions and diseases such as Arthritis can get some relief from CBD’s soothing qualities.