CBD, which stands for cannabidiol, is the second most potent prevalent ingredient of cannabis (marijuana). Also, it is an essential component of medical marijuana, being directly derived from the hemp plant, a cousin of the marijuana. It is different from THC, the compound present in weed that gets you high because of its psychoactive components.

While CBD comes in many forms, a topical presentation might be the best option if you are looking for relief from aches, pains, or help with skin conditions.

A topical is any cream, lotion, or salve with CBD infused in it and applied directly on the skin. 

To create a CBD cream or lotion, manufacturers add CBD to oils such as hemp seed oil, which they use as the main ingredient in such lotions. Additionally, CBD creams typically use Broad Spectrum CBD because it has no THC or just traces of it.

CBD Lotions Benefits

Inflammation and Pain

In 2016, a study on rats showed that CBD applied topically could help manage inflammation and pain directly associated with arthritis. The research used transdermal CBD and revealed that the absorption was better. It also showed that CBD gel lotions significantly help to reduce joint swelling.

Skin Conditions

Another study, carried out by the American Academy of Dermatology Association, found that CBD lotions could help improve conditions such as acne, psoriasis, and eczema. How? Because they reduce the inflammation associated with these diseases.

The same research claims there are no adverse side effects from a topical cannabis treatment, aside from the usual contact dermatitis, which can happen with any substance applied to the skin. 

Jaw Pain

A 2019 study said that people experiencing temporomandibular disorder (TMD) could see an improvement in their condition after using CBD lotions since some of TMD´s symptoms are stiffening and pain around the jaw area.

Peripheral Neuropathy

Finally, a 2020 study found that using CBD lotions and oils can reduce pain in a meaningful way for those suffering from peripheral neuropathy, which is a disease that causes nerve damage and everyday pain and discomfort. 


CBD and other cannabinoids are beneficial antioxidants, especially for the skin. It needs B-complex vitamins and essential amino acids to be healthy, many of which are found in CBD extracts.

Reduce aging signs

Since CBD lotions are filled with antioxidants like vitamin E or vitamin C, they help to treat dryness, reduce free radical damage and inflammation. They can also help with aging signs such as fine lines and dark spots.

How to Apply a CBD Lotion

Usually, users of CBD lotions apply them directly to the affected area. The lotion then provides relief at both the surface and deeper muscle levels. Some lotions can also provide help with relaxation and sleep problems. Some other forms of topic CBD are slaves, balms, and transdermal patches.

What you should look for in a CBD Lotion

Environmental Issues

Since CBD Lotions are mixed with other ingredients, you have to find organic and how the hemp plant was grown. This will affect the product.

Suppose you have a skin condition like eczema or have sensitive skin. In that case, you also have to take a deeper look into the ingredients, since many CBD lotions go through an extraction process that uses harsh chemicals that can be bad for the environment and leave traces in the product that can irritate sensitive skin or skin with certain diseases. 


Since you will want your CBD lotion to treat specific things, the dosage is crucial. It is essential that you read the ingredients label of any CBD product; there you should be able to find the potency or dosage.

Most lotions list the dosage in milligrams (mg). As with any CBD product, it is better to start with low dosages and increase them with time. We also recommend always consulting your doctor for medical advice on dosage.

Quality Control

When buying your lotion, look for CBD topical vendors that display results from third-party lab testing. Search for Good Manufacturing Practice (CGMP) compliant facilities that follow FDA standards. This is important since a 2017 study found that only 31 percent of CBD hemp oil products were correctly labeled with the accurate CBD level.

Type of Hemp Extract

The full-spectrum extract comes from the whole hemp plant and contains some trace amount of THC. The broad-spectrum extract contains the full spectrum of cannabinoids except for no THC. CBD isolates are pure CBD extract alone.

When it comes to CBD topicals, you have to make sure that you’re buying the product that is most likely going to satisfy your hemp-related needs. That means, if you want more relaxing and psychoactive ingredientes, you can buy a Full Spectrum derived topical; if you want pain relief and help with inflammation, you can buy a Broad Spectrum derived topical. 

CBD oil contains essential fatty acids, the right topical can improve hydration and nutritional value with more suitable moisturizers and other compounds.


Many CBD Lotions can be costly. Like any other part of the cosmetic industry, sometimes presentation, added scent, and dosage can increase the price. Know what you want and how many times you are going to repurchase the product to choose one.