Amazon is the largest selling site in the world. It’s only natural for businesses to seek a spot on it since it’s a guaranteed increase in sales, especially for CBD and hemp vendors.

However, you’ll have to follow strict guidelines if you want to make it in the Amazon space. Here are five tips for selling your CBD or hemp products on Amazon successfully.

Keywords Like CBD Cannot be included in The Listing Copy

An Amazon product listing is the product page for each of the items you sell on Amazon. It comprises the information you enter when you list your product, including its title, images, description, and price. Getting the product listing right is very important because it will determine the success of your products on Amazon.

However, the word CBD is not admitted in the listing of CBD or hemp products. Sometimes sellers use CBD in their packaging labels and include them in the listing images, but it is a risk since  Amazon’s been known to take down products just for the images.

That’s why many vendors use terms like hemp oil drops and hemp extract supplements to sell their products. If you choose to use CBD in your listing in any way, be aware that although it may convert more sales short-term, the account will be suspended once Amazon is aware of it.

Use CBD in Your Backend Keywords

When you create an account in Amazon, you can access your backend keywords by login into your Seller Central account and navigating to your “Manage inventory” page, where all your Amazon Standard Identification Numbers or ASINs are located. Select the ASIN you’re looking for and then click on the “edit” button to access your backend keywords, which are the phrases or keywords you add to your listing that remain invisible. They will still count towards your product indexing, though, so use them to put terms like CBD, cannabidiol, and marijuana.

The Amazon algorithm uses the backend keywords to bring you up in the results of customer searches, so doing this is critical. Focus on it.

Do NOT Mention Health Conditions

When writing up your listing, you have to be very careful. If you say that your product cures, treats, or even helps with the symptoms of any severe conditions like cancer, heart disease, or Alzheimer’s, you will get your account suspended.

Since there is only research regarding CBD’s benefits for health conditions, but not FDA approval, you cannot use that as a point for selling your product. However, you can say it has overall health benefits or something alike; a general affirmation, more in line with the standards of the food supplement industry.

Demonstrate Credibility

With products with hemp or CBD in them, you have to keep in mind your customer’s possible questions when buying a CBD or hemp product, which could be:

  • Can I trust that this is a genuine product?
  • Is it worth its price?
  • Is it a very high-quality product?
  • Will it have the effects it says it has?

To clear this doubts, make sure you have any certification of your product available. Usually, CBD products have a Certificate of Analysis (COA) that shows what testing was done. This is a good thing to disclose to your customers; it will tell them that your product is safe and of good quality.

Also, if you have a QR code that takes them to the ingredient list or your site, include it.

Another important characteristic to build on Amazon is social proof. Display any outstanding customer review, press coverage, or annual customer numbers in your product description.

Invest in Marketing

CBD is a booming market and so, the sellers with good marketing strategies are the ones that cut through and dominate the space.

With this in mind, and knowing you will sell online (meaning the one-on-one interaction will not be there) don’t stop focusing on things like branding, packaging design, and your listing’s sales copy.

Before creating  your Amazon account, please get to know your target audience, relate to their lifestyle, and make sure you choose the right words to tell them how your product will improve their life.

If you can, hire an excellent graphic designer and a copywriter that can work on your product so that your launch goes ideally.

Use these tips so that you can put up your CBD products on Amazon without any surprise or without taking the risk of being suspended.  Also, stay updated in Amazon guidelines so that you can c