Upselling In Smoke Shops- How Retailers Can Increase Their Average Revenue?

The recent increase in the demand for tobacco products and smoking equipment has brought more competitors to the industry. Considering the situation, business owners have to find ways to stand out, expand, and grow their customer base to sell more- and even more.

Making all that possible comes down to their marketing methods and strategy. How a brand communicates with its audience and prospects creates more exposure and determines how much sales it makes. It’s no longer enough to go digital or have a walk-in shop. Nowadays, businesses must explore other creative and innovative avenues to sell more. Getting an edge in today’s dynamic, it’s all about the details.

4 Ways To Promote a Smoke Shop And Get Customers To Buy More

Running a smoke shop is not exactly a straightforward task. Unlike any other businesses, Google and some popular social media platforms have strict policies against promoting tobacco and smoking equipment. That makes it hard to run ads or promote products freely, especially in the digital spaces potential customers might inhabit.

However, those are not the only ways to create exposure for a smoke shop. Business owners can still showcase their products in the biggest markets and spaces despite the prevalence of these restrictions within the industry.


Prospects are always out there, but it’s unrealistic for a brand to reach every customer individually. Any business looking to grow first needs to consider how to increase its visibility.

Leveraging a company’s local area is one of the best ways to ensure it starts growing. This same tactic saved many brick-and-mortar businesses when the worst of the pandemic shut down many physical companies.

It’s not just about having a walk-in shop; it’s about increasing its presence. Business owners should take advantage of any opportunity to get the word out about their store, whether that comes in the way of displaying different pointers, like flags, fly banners, and other signs to announce their presence.

One of the most critical aspects of increasing online visibility is staying on top of local search engine results through SEO. Many paid ads services now also have geo-fencing tools that allow specific areas to be prioritized, effectively cutting down on the competition.

Keeping track of a customer base

Collecting customer information allows businesses to give their audience more incentive to return. Customers like to feel appreciated, and it’s easier to appeal to an audience already familiar with a company than to sway new people in.

There are many ways to nurture existing relationships. For example, simply creating a campaign list to send emails and other important information goes a long way towards making sure customers feel appreciated.

Hosting Events

People love partying, especially when it is a theme-based get-together. For example, hosting an event specifically for vape lovers and smokers is one way to attract that specific crowd of customers. That means there will be more chances for attendees to spend more in a said smoke shop.

There are many ways to host an event. Some can be held locally or even in collaboration with other businesses so they can leverage each other’s crowds. Some brands would even sponsor such events once in a while. The key to success here is to include exciting games and items, like live bands, vape competitions, cookouts, and other things that interest a specific target audience.

Joining Trade Shows

Having a booth at conventions and Trade shows is one of the biggest ways to increase average ticket sales and sell products on the largest markets. These events make it easier for companies to connect with new potential customers, network, and build relationships while increasing their revenue.

Before choosing a tradeshow to exhibit products, it is crucial to know how they operate. While some organize the tradeshow for diverse industries, some focus on a specific industry. Because of the nature of smoke shops and their challenges, it is better to use an organizer that focuses on their particular industry.

Leveraging industry-specific Trade shows

Cigar retailers, CBD product sellers, Smoke shops, and Vape and Hookah stores all face strict advertising restrictions from different angles. As a result, it is not easy to put such businesses out there. Even when business owners find ways to promote their business online, there are still restrictive rules to worry about.

However, trade shows provide an escape from limited expansion and channels to increase sales for smoke shops and others in the industry.

Wrapping Up

Marketing a smoke shop can be challenging, but nothing compensates the effort better than a big increase in sales. Finding what marketing method maximizes resources the most might require a bit of trial and error, but it’s well worth the time and resources.

Finding the right channels to promote products is crucial to the success of a business. Hosting and participating in events is key to this success, as they enable brands to cater to their target audience.

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