Unveiling a New Horizon

The Transition from USA CBD Expo to Alt Pro Expo

The dynamic tapestry of alternative wellness products continues to evolve, mirroring the growing interests and demands of consumers. In keeping stride with this evolution, the transition from USA CBD Expo to Alternative Products Expo in October 2021 marked a significant milestone. This rebranding transcended the realm of CBD, opening doors to a broader spectrum of alternative products, thereby encapsulating a more inclusive and diverse array of offerings in the flourishing counterculture industry.

USA CBD Expo Logo

A Name that Resonates with a Wider Spectrum

The original branding, USA CBD Expo, was a strong reflection of the burgeoning CBD market and the rising interest in exploring the therapeutic and wellness potentials of CBD. However, as the landscape of alternative wellness products expanded, it beckoned a shift that would encompass a multitude of other burgeoning sectors within the alternative products arena. The rebranding to Alternative Products Expo is a testament to the evolving ethos of the organization, embracing a plethora of alternative wellness solutions.

An Expanded Horizon: Beyond CBD

The transition from a CBD-centric event to an all-encompassing alternative products expo has ushered in a new era of explorations. Alternative Products Expo now serves as a grand confluence of innovations, encompassing not just CBD, but also other cannabinoids like Delta-8 THC, kratom, mushroom supplements, and a myriad of other alternative wellness products. This broader scope invites a more diverse community of exhibitors and attendees, fostering a rich exchange of ideas, products, and trends.

Alt Pro Expo Vegas 2023

The New Avatar: A Melting Pot of Innovations

Alternative Products Expo has now morphed into a vibrant platform where curious minds converge to explore, learn, and connect. The event showcases a myriad of products, from herbal supplements to vaping accessories, thus offering a holistic experience to attendees. For vendors, it’s a fertile ground to showcase their innovations, meet potential buyers, and interact with industry peers.

Enhancing Industry Connections

The Alternative Products Expo not only symbolizes a brand evolution but underscores a commitment to nurturing a holistic, inclusive, and forward-thinking community. By transcending the CBD-centric narrative, the expo now facilitates a more robust network of connections, engaging a broader spectrum of industry stakeholders.


The metamorphosis from USA CBD Expo to Alternative Products Expo has not only redefined the brand but has significantly enriched the essence of the expo. It now stands as a broader, more inclusive beacon in the alternative products industry, welcoming a diverse tapestry of vendors, buyers, and wellness enthusiasts to explore the burgeoning realm of alternative wellness solutions. Through this rebranding, Alternative Products Expo has positioned itself as the quintessential hub for the avant-garde in the counterculture and alternative wellness industry, reflecting the vibrant and ever-evolving nature of this domain.

The evolution from USA CBD Expo to Alternative Products Expo encapsulates the spirit of embracing a broader spectrum of alternative wellness solutions. As the industry burgeons, diversifying into an array of innovative products beyond CBD, the Alternative Products Expo stands as the epitome of this dynamic transition. It invites a galore of opportunities for both vendors and buyers to converge, explore, and foster meaningful connections. If you are a vendor with a vision to showcase your brand amidst a thriving community, exhibiting at our upcoming trade show is your avenue to unparalleled exposure and engagement.

On the flip side, if you are a buyer with a zest to delve into the array of alternative products and foster lucrative connections, attending our upcoming trade show is your gateway to the pulsating heart of the industry. The Alternative Products Expo is more than a trade show; it’s a rendezvous of ideas, a marketplace of innovation, and a community of forward-thinkers. Your journey into the expansive realm of alternative products begins here, be it as an esteemed vendor or a discerning buyer. So, take the leap, exhibit as a vendor or register as a buyer, and be a part of a narrative that’s redefining the contours of the alternative wellness industry.