Something that comes with CBD’s boom is its wide availability in the market. It’s possible to find CBD in almost everything these days, a trend that won’t stop anytime soon as many types of products appear on shelves every day.

CBD infused beverages are among these popular products, and many restaurants in cannabis-friendly states are offering them in various stylish ways. However, another format that’s growing is their packaged version.

Consumers can find CBD Coffee, CBD tea, CBD soda, CBD kombucha, and even CBD water in many stores across the country, and it seems these drinks could become a staple in the market.

Convenient CBD

As CBD becomes part of many consumers’ daily lives, people are looking for more convenient ways of consuming it, apart from taking some droplets of CBD oil.

Enter CBD drinks, products that are growing more and more in popularity every year, as the public becomes aware of CBD benefits, like treating symptoms of anxiety and relieving pain. This popularity comes from the need to access CBD more conveniently. As Mike Luce, President of High Yield Insights, a Chicago-based cannabis industry research firm, puts it in regards to a recent survey his company conducted, “the beverage format appeals to consumers new to CBD because it is accessible, easy to dose, and resembles functional drinks in the mainstream market.”

Popular During the Pandemic

Another factor that has contributed to the recent rapid rise of CBD beverages are the COVID-19 pandemic effects on consumers. As uncertainty and social distancing became the “new normal” worldwide, anxiety levels grew. This crisis spurred interest in CBD from young people and inexperienced consumers.

Results from the survey performed by High Yield Insights indicate that Millennials and Gen-Z people prefer to drink CBD beverages when socializing for “on-the-go” relief of anxiety and other symptoms related to it. According to the study, “forty percent of users see CBD drinks as a healthier alternative to alcohol, only 20% prefer the social aspect of alcohol”, also 50% are interested in CBD for reducing sleep aids and pain relievers.

CBD beverages still have a long way to go before having a strong base in the market, but the demand is there, and, as beverage companies make themselves known to the public, it’s possible this year becomes one of their most important.