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  • Brett Pojunis

    GPOPlus Inc.

    Mr. Pojunis has served as the Company’s President, Chief Executive Officer, Chief Financial Officer, Secretary, Treasurer, and Sole Director since May 5, 2020. Since 2014, Mr. Pojunis has served on the Board of Directors of a publicly traded agriculture company whose holdings include Green Leaf Farms, a Las Vegas based Nevada licensed Cultivation and Production facility, and Green Leaf Farms International, a 33,600-acre cultivation farm in Jujuy, Argentina. Prior to founding GPOPlus+, Mr. Pojunis was one of the leaders of the Libertarian Party serving three-terms on the Libertarian National Committee (LNC), two terms as the Chairman of the Libertarian Party of Nevada, and was part of the senior staff for the 2016 Johnson/Weld Presidential campaign. Mr. Pojunis was very involved with state level legislation and advocacy which included Question 2 (in 2016) as well as an advisor to other statewide initiatives. Mr. Pojunis hosted and produced over 150 political events including the 2016 Libertarian Presidential Debate hosted by Penn Jillette (Penn & Teller) that included video questions from well-known celebrities which aired on TheBlaze Network. Mr. Pojunis was the creator of multiple politically focused events and conferences including LPEX – the Libertarian Political Expo, a political conference for Libertarian political training, The Political Party, a non-partisan organization with the goal of getting more Nevadans involved in the political process with the well-known “Meet the Candidates” events series. Mr. Pojunis has been involved in finance and the public markets since 1999. Mr. Pojunis has been a consultant to many start-up companies as well as publicly traded companies including high tech Internet to traditional brick and mortar companies. From 2002 through October 2009, Mr. Pojunis has been involved in nightlife and entertainment ventures bridging technology and social media with events. He has hosted over 750 events in Las Vegas as well as other markets throughout the United States. Mr. Pojunis served on the Board of Directors of multiple private and public companies and organizations. Mr. Pojunis has military training ranging from Civil Affairs Specialist (38A) to Combat Engineer (12B). While in the US ARMY he was awarded the Outstanding American award, twice. Mr. Pojunis is a fellow at The Leadership Institute which provides political activism training. Mr. Pojunis studied Environmental Liberal Arts at Green Mountain College and Entrepreneurship classes at the Simon School of Business at the University of Rochester. Mr. Pojunis attended elective International Business and Finance classes at Rochester Institute of Technology.