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  • Speaking topic: Distribution and the Online Marketplace.


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  • Jahsiah Sanders


    Ever since Jahsiah was young, he always had an interest in business. He did not come from an affluent household, but his family always encouraged him to go do whatever made him happy, as well as something he would excel at. His family’s continuous support is one of the main reasons he developed an interest in creating my own business. When he initially tried to discover his passion, his first thought was always “how much money will he make” He did not take the time to try to discover what he loved first, and then “how can this make money from this”. It then became clear as to why he was not becoming successful, he was prioritizing the wrong things. One day he happened to walk into a CBD store and was amazed to learn about all of its benefits. After leaving that store, he began to wonder if there was a way he could make this product easily accessible for consumers through a platform online. Although he thought he had developed quite a clever idea, it was extremely difficult to discover an audience for his brand because of regulations against the sale of CBD. It then occurred to him that instead of making his own brand, he should make a place where brands can go to find a community of their own.”