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  • Speaking topic: Ketamine and Psilocybin: How Do Psychedelics Work?


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  • Michelle Martin

    Psychedelic Experience

    Michelle is extremely passionate about changing the cultural perception of mental health and wellness. As is the path with many of us, she had a life-changing experience with psychedelics. She wanted nothing more than to serve in the psychedelic space after her experience and integration. She believes that psychedelics and plant medicines, when used in safe settings are tools that can heal suffering from trauma, PTSD, depression, anxiety, and other illnesses. She believes the need to create change and believes stigma is a large part of what has prevented an acceleration in the study of brain disease, with sensitivity.  She has been an advocate, educator, fundraiser, board member, and spokesperson for several non profits for close to 30 years, including The National Alliance for the Mentally ILL (NAMI). She serves on NAMI’s Family Panel where she speaks with recruits at The Chicago Police Academy, discussing effective/more productive ways to approach individuals who are suffering with mental illnesses/brain diseases.  As someone who loves the art of connection, she continues to find ways to help others through her network. Connections can be a huge basis for creation, and with this, she has many wonderful stories of minds meeting and working together to help heal.   Michelle was active in medicinal cannabis education in 2010. She coordinated compassionate care training in Michigan engaging patients, caregivers, growers, horticulturists, and legal counsel to increase education and rights in communities statewide. She served as the spokesperson for 420 University in efforts to reach constituents through media and community group discussions and grassroots efforts. Michelle has taught restorative yoga classes for non-profit organizations, incorporating meditation and self discovery into each practice. She also coordinated a yoga program for veterans. She has been an advocate for Resilience (formerly RVA of Chicago) and YWCA of Chicago (victims of rape and abuse), as well as Odanadi Seva Trust in Mysore, India, which helps to support and guide transitions for children who have escaped the sex trade. She is currently serving with Psychedelic Experience, a non profit that houses a database of unbiased reviews of retreat centers and integration therapists around the world. She approached the founder a year ago, and since then, the two have expanded the team to 20 volunteers and increased exposure for the site three fold. Their mission - harm reduction and safety in the psychedelic experience. She is an ambassador with Heroic Hearts Project, and recently started a consulting group in the psychedelic space to help raise funds for researchers, start-ups, and VCs as they prepare to expand. She appreciates every opportunity to engage with people, is an avid traveler, and emerges herself in culture and nature every chance she gets.